1952 Ambassador

1923 Holton - Clarke Cornet

Welcome to my trumpet website!

Here you can see the results of my latest hobby – trumpet hunter. Its great fun to find a vintage diamond in the rough, restore a quality trumpet and then resell it cheaply so the next generation of beginning musicians has a proper horn.

Wm Frank Cornet At A Jazz Jam Session

A Pair Of Couesnon Trumpets

Olds Ambassador Modified

Sometimes used is better than new...

When asked to help my nephew build his trumpet playing chops, thing one was to acquire a better horn. World band instrument manufacturers were wiped out by the change in music from big band to rock and roll. The only affordable new student horns were poorly made imports. Fortunately, many high quality instruments made in the golden era of jazz still have a lot of life left. If valves and brass are sound, it just takes a little spa time in the laundry room sink and maybe a tickle from torch and solder to restore a horn that will play rings around a cheap import. Now I lurk on the websites of e-bay, Craigslist, and online auctions.

And so a new hobby is born!

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