This 1971 era vintage Buescher Aristocrat trumpet is in superb mechanical shape, perfect for a beginning to intermediate musician. Valves are fast and sure with little wear. All slides move freely and water key corks are new. Some repairs are evident, but all well done. Beautiful honey brass finish is 90% and in good shape with a few minor dings and scratches. The horn has great compression. Trumpet includes Bach 7c mouthpiece, hard plastic case and cleaning tools.

This trumpet also comes with a bit of fun history. Jazz legend Chet Baker played this same model during his 'come back' period from 1980-86. As a rising star, he played the legendary Martin Committee like Miles Davis and many of the other jazz greats. In mid career, he switched to a Conn Constellation, a top professional instrument. Then came the Buescher Aristocrat.

Why would one of the greatest musicians of all time choose a student horn? Chet's life long addiction to drugs is the answer. Chronic lack of cash forced him to acquire the cheapest instrument possible. His Buescher was likely purchased from a pawn shop, with era photos showing a lot of finish wear on the well used trumpet. But when Chet's career revitalized, he continued playing the student horn for several years before finally abandoning it in favor of a Bach Strad that he played until his death.

I can say as a jazz trumpet player myself, Chet stayed with the Buescher because it makes it very easy to produce the Chet Baker sound. Recordings made during his years playing the Buescher sound great; classic Chet.

The Buescher has an unusually large bore for a student horn and produces a rich dark tone. It is also very easy to play, as a student horn should be. Of course the real magic is supplied by the musician. Like the artist chooses a color palette to express their style, a musician chooses an instrument to express their sound.

For the student, this is an easy to play horn made with far higher quality than modern student instruments, almost all imports. For the accomplished musician looking for a dark, jazzy horn, this is the ticket. In any case, it is quite a bargain!

Get in touch to check out this cool horn. If your looking for an instrument for a beginner, I am happy to demonstrate the fine qualities of this trumpet.

Chet Baker's Buescher Aristocrat